valerie ann (poiplepixie) wrote in hotterthanplath,
valerie ann

you asked for more writing.....

when one thinks back about their loved ones, they picture them smiling, and happy.

they picture them in their favorite clothes, eating their favorite foods, doing their favorite things.

they never bother to imagine them six feet under, cold, petrified, with sluggish worms twitching about in their brain.

they never imagine the brittle bones, the glassy eyes, the clammy skin.

the funeral. they only remember the flowers, the hugs, the entrancing hymns.

not the shoveling of the dirt, the tossing of the flowers, the closing of the casket, the saying good-bye, the knowing that you'll never, ever, ever get to look into that persons eyes and tell them you love them.


it's not the greatest, it's just words on paper to me. i have a habit of never editing my things.....maybe this will change when i'm in my writing class next year. hope you enjoy.

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