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poetry and pics

I shrink down to it's level, on my desk it lays.

Pencil, highliter and pen in my grasp, I sum up the strengh, energy and courage to face this horrid task.

I reluctently start in, reading, evaluating, rereading, misunderstanding....

The almost silent trinkle of water sounding from up the stairs captures my wandering attention.

I sharply direct my eyesight towards the door, near the stairs, near the sound that attracts me so.

But I am doomed, for my computer lies nearby, and throws itself into my vision.

For a brief moment, I argue with my inner self,

"You have homework and studying to do, what will your mother say?!"

"Mother can go fuck herself.....I wonder if anyone left me a message, or even a comment"

"You can find out later, now get on with this, I said get on with this!"

But I do not hear her, for the entrancing creak sound of the imaginary door that my buddies come through, when their computer entices them so has attracted me,

drawing me closer, and closer, until finally I am seated in front of my alter.

Highligher, pencil, pen strewn across the floor,

I have yet again given in to the greater mind.

and, here's an interesting one. For my world studies class, we had to read two articles about the killing of Steve Biko, and detract words from it to create a poem. and then of course, the usual "pick two lines, and write a paragraph on them" thing. I guess you'd call it a found poem, since all the words are out of the article. but anyways, here goes.

Massive Hemorrhage


“Who are you, big man?”

A disturbing question

“I am Steve Bantu Biko”

That fearful summer night leaves me cold.

Details of the killing vanished.

The assault team ignored the lump,

the world opinion.

That fearful summer night leaves me cold.

Burned body, in my mind

Animated expression, bottles of beer.

In my mind, broken Biko.

That fearful summer night leaves me cold.


yes, and of course, some pictures (horrible ones, i might add) after geting my hair cut, yet again.  

 Eyeliner experimentation. succesfull? i'm not sure....

wow, i'm not used to my face without the glasses!


everyone loves shredded wheat and strawberries!

and a pixie-ish one, just for fun!

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