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bus pics

so, forensics tournament on Saturday. We left on Friday morning, to begin our 4 hour long bus ride, so that leaves us with two regular camera films, 4 cards from my digicam, and julianna's digicam became full also. I have yet to retrieve the ones from Julianna, but i have mine, so here goes. Some are cool looking, some funny, some artistic, and some are just plain pretty.

ahhhh, julio giles. her skin looks so creamy in this picture. I L<3VE it.

ok, this might seem weird, but if you look on the second and third line, right after it says cheese curds, you'll see Freedom Fries. Not French fries, Freedom fries. Grrr, some Americans can be stupid, i swear. This is la carte from Half Nelsons, the restaurant that we ate at on friday.

and julio took this awesome artsy picture. She was trying to get a picture of me sleeping, but instead she cought the background outside in cool colors. Very artistic, i think.

ah, and the famous "i just woke up, what's going on picture". This is taken right after this one....

another one of those damn sleeping pictures. I hate it when people watch me sleep, hence the hood. Obviously it didn't work.....

ahhhh, my revenge. A sleeping pic of julio.

i know, i know, scary scary look, but the eyes are cool looking. It's always fun to hold the camera up and take semi-weird face pictures. but try and look like you're serious. gack, i make no sense.

oh yeah, and this picture looks like a house. you see the white door, the hallway, the piano, the water on the floor? it's actually the inside of a coffee pot. hee hee.

i think i'm intrigued with my mini-disk player...i'm not quite sure.

another menu pic.....bowl games is just a fancy schmancy name for soups. yeah, cheesy, i thought so too.

ah, and finally the "i just learned how to use the timer on this damn camera" picture. Hope you enjoyed. I'll post some writing soon....




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