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Pretentious Writerly Fucks

who will stab you with a pen

Pretentious Elitist Writers
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to hotterthanplath, a ratings community for everyone who knows how to wield a pen and a camera. Bonus points for both at once.

1. Within 24 hours of joining the community, you must post at least three pictures where your face can clearly be seen, and you must post them under an lj-cut. Two of your three pictures must be in color. No editing, no high contrast, and no nudity.

2. Fill out the app. It's not optional. Period. Oh, and if we find out you plagiarised your writing sample? We'll report you to lj-abuse. Simple as that.

3.. You will recieve yeas or nays from accepted members of the community. We're writers; we're gonna find creative ways to beat your ass down. Please don't fight or bitch at them if they nay you. It'll only get tobiascharity and butmyrobotloves pissed, and when we're pissed, people get q-tips shoved up their noses.

4. After one week or ten votes, whichever comes first, you'll be stamped either "Rejected" or "Accepted." If you're rejected, you can apply again after a week with new photos. If you're accepted, you're expected to participate in the community by posting, rating, and promoting.

5. Just have fun! This community isn't meant to be taken seriously. If accepted, you can post when you want and what you want--writing, more photos, whatever. Just don't bash or bitch at other members...butmyrobotloves is talented with a slang gun.

(copy and paste this right into your post. and for the love of god, use an lj-cut. we'll hit you if you mess it up. don't think we won't.)

Current Location:
Current Job:
Favorite Writers:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Bands:
Favorite Place:
Stupidest thing you did as a kid:
What do you write (poetry, prose, plays, non-fic, whateverthefuck):
Three things you want to do before you die:
Favorite decade?
Favorite fashion statement?
Fill in the blanks:

Let's _____ to _____ and _____ the _____.
If I had a ______, I'd ______.
That _____ looks like a _____.

What makes you different from the other people in this community?
What's your best feature?
What/who is the most important thing/person to you, and why?
One wish and why:
What's your biggest accomplishment?
What's your life's dream?
To what three people/places have you promoted this community?
Post up to 500 words of a writing sample BY YOU. (We're really serious about hunting you down if you plagiarise, man):
Three pictures:

tobiascharity (your friendly mod)
butmyrobotloves (your equally, if not moreso, friendly mod)

To all of you who think we're superficial: hey, that's fair. We're a ratings community. A lot of us spend a bunch of our time being painfully intellectual, and just kind of want to be shallow for a while. It's a freakin' LJ community, man. Chill. Thank you and goodnight.